Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wild Things

Every times I watch the trailer for the forthcoming Where the Wild Things Are movie, I get chills. And watching the just-released featurette gives them to me, too. I get a little welled up. I think this is because the movie (from these two brief looks at it) seems as though it will capture the deepest heart of the book: the uncertainties, the desire to let our inner selves--our Wild Things--out, and to find the place where that Wild Thing belongs.

My favorite part of the featurette? That Maurice Sendak told Spike Jonze that the movie should be dangerous, because kids deserve it--they can't be talked down to.


  1. This trailer had me in tears. Inside all of us is hope, inside all of us is fear... that's the essence of story.

  2. I had the same exact reaction. I'm so excited to see it.

  3. You guys watch it first, then tell me if it would crush my inner child to see it.